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PLUS Greece is becoming a nomad hotspot, NYC welcomes remote work with open arms, and the USB stick worth $235 million

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Today in 3min 15sec we cover:

  • 🇬🇷 Greece’s rapid growth of digital nomads

  • 💻 NYC’s reversal on remote work

  • 👔 Emerging workplace trends for 2024

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Greece sees rapid growth in digital nomads after releasing nomad visa

According to NomadList, Athens was home to over 2000 digital nomads last month. However, interest in Greece from digital nomads is much, much, higher. A Facebook group called “Digital Nomads in Greece" boasts a whopping 43.9K members… And it’s not the only one!

While Greece has always been an attractive location for remote workers with its low prices and temperate weather, the recent Greek Digital Nomad visa has poured gasoline on the fire.

The new visa allows non-EU citizens to live and work from Greece for up to 12 months and also gives them the ability to travel throughout the rest of the European Union.

So far nearly 1700 people have received the nomad visa, and that number is expected to continue to rise in 2024.

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NYC mayor offers remote work to 16,500 city employees

Earlier this week, Mayor Adams announced that his administration will allow a variety of city employees in managerial positions to work from home twice a week.

“With the success of our initial remote work pilots for tens of thousands of union-represented employees, we are proud to expand this benefit to the thousands of non-represented public servants who work tirelessly for our city day in and day out,” the mayor said.

The pilot program expansion marks a major contrast to Adams’ June 2022 decision to eliminate nearly all forms of hybrid options popularized for the municipal workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Emerging workplace trends to watch in 2024

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the new year is right around the corner, and here are 4 trends to keep an eye on for 2024:

  1. Gen Z is taking over - in 2024 Gen Z is predicted to make up about 23% of the global workforce.

  2. Generative AI - On LinkedIn alone, the number of job postings mentioning ChatGPT as a desirable requirement has surged by 21 times. AI is here, and if you want to stay competitive in the job market it will become as common a requirement as knowing how to use a computer.

  3. Hybrid work - The hybrid work model has been forecasted to rise to 81% adoption, so if you’re looking for remote-only jobs keep this in mind and know that it may take longer to land a job.

  4. Side hustles - Side hustles as a trend are steadily increasing, and are particularly popular among younger generations, with 70% of Gen Z and 50% of millennials admitting to having a side hustle. Side hustles are a great way to boost your income and save money while creating an antifragile career.


  • 🤖 AI at scale will turn humans into true luxury. In the same way that automation and e-commerce reduced the cost of physical items, AI will reduce the price of most products & services, while human-centered services and experiences will become increasingly rare, valuable, and therefore desirable.

  • 🏦 X will replace your bank in 2024. During an all-hands call on Thursday, X owner Elon Musk said that he expects X’s new banking features to roll out by the end of next year. “If it involves money. It’ll be on our platform.“

  • 💾 The USB drive worth $235 million. An entrepreneur in SF owns a USB drive with over 7005 bitcoins but lost the password. A team of hackers has found a way to crack the password, if only he’d let them do it…

  • 🇵🇹 Is Portugal’s reign over? The country has been the darling of digital nomads for years, but recently voted to close its popular NHR program. As other countries continue to launch nomad-focused programs, Portugal could lose its top spot.


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