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🧑‍💻 Rebrands, Soft Bases, and New Businesses

Announcing our new rebrand and a bit of a behind the scenes look at several other things I'm working on.

Hey Insiders,

Wow, it’s been a little while since I last sent out an email. The last time I missed more than a single email was in 2022 🙈 this email will hopefully give you a little glimpse at what has been going on behind the scenes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ll discuss today:

  • 🚀 The new rebrand of Remote Insider

  • 🏡 Experimenting with soft bases

  • 🏕️ My new business

Let’s dive in 👇

🚀 Remote Insider is now… WORK FROM MARS

new logo is still in development

I’m very excited to finally announce our rebrand… Remote Insider is soon becoming Work From Mars!

Before I tell you where the name comes from I want to assure you that this rebrand does not mean the type of content I share will change.

However, it gives me the chance to repackage all the things I’m doing (this newsletter, podcast, website, and more) into one cohesive brand instead of a bunch of different names and websites.

Now as far as where the name Work From Mars comes from…

Back in 2018 when I started promoting remote work people didn’t get it.

I would get tons of questions about why I was so certain that remote work would play an important part in the way we work in the future.

My answer was always the same.

As a tech and sci-fi nerd, I believe deep in my core that we are destined to become a multi-planetary species…

And I think it would be really sad if we travel all that way just so we can work in cubicles on Mars!

Furthermore, in order to support a robust multi-planetary economy we will need to have figured out async work because if you think working around time zone issues between the US and Asia is bad…

You can’t imagine how bad the Earth-Mars time zone issues will be 🤣

So our new brand Work From Mars (or WFM for short) is a cheeky nod towards that answer.

It also conveniently ties in all the different topics I will continue to cover in this newsletter and beyond as we explore the future of work and business and how you can not just survive, but THRIVE, in that future!

I will be sharing more behind-the-scenes looks at our rebrand as we get closer to finishing it.

What do you think about the new brand name - Work From Mars?

I'd love to hear what you think about the new rebrand! Pick an option below and tell me more in the comments

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🏡 Experimenting with Soft Bases

putting down new flooring

Last month I wrote about the idea of soft bases when it comes to modern flag theory and you guys really liked the idea.

Now that Sarah and I have moved back to the US we wanted to “invest” in setting up soft bases at our parents’ houses so that we had a comfortable place to stay and work from when we visit them.

Last week we spent about $500 and some man-hours putting down new flooring and repainting one of the rooms at my parents’ house.

This is a win-win!

My parents get an updated room without having to put in their own time and money while Sarah and I now have a comfortable place to stay and work from when we visit.

This manner of soft base is in line with what my mentor was doing a few years ago with Airbnbs - create a relationship with the owner and spend some money updating the place in exchange for preferential treatment.

Lauren Razavi also recently discussed a similar idea she called “homeports”

Have you ever tried something similar? Respond to this email and tell me about it!

🏕️ My New Business - Experiential STRs

workation cabin inspiration

Sarah and I decided to move back to the US this summer because we really wanted to spend more time with family and friends but there was another reason which pushed us over the edge…

For the last 6 months, I’ve been exploring a new business venture - Experiential STRs

Experiential STRs are basically Airbnbs that are not just a place to sleep while you explore a destination, they are part of the reason (or the whole reason) why you’re visiting that location.

Imagine an Airbnb that has everything you need for an awesome vacation: gym, pickleball courts, sauna, pool, and much more.

This type of STRs (short-term rentals) are popping up all over the country and I’ve long imagined building an Experiential STR that allows remote workers to take a workation in nature.

We are still very much at the beginning stages of this project but I spent a few days earlier this month checking out land that could house our STRs… and I think I found the perfect place!

Let me know if you want to follow along as I pursue this and learn more about what we plan to do!

Are you interested in learning more about this?

Let me know if you're interested in following along as we move forward on this project and I will make sure to keep you in the loop as we progress!

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Sept 28 - Oct 1: Nomadness Fest [📍Louisville, Kentucky, US] - A festival for travelers of color and their allies. 30+ speakers covering topics such as branding, business, domestic travel, effects of over-tourism, and much more. (👋 I’ll be there)

Sept 30: DNCH [📍Bern, Switzerland + Virtual] - Learn about location-independent life and meet like-minded people interested in the digital nomad lifestyle.

Oct 9-15: The Nomad World [📍Albufeira, Portugal] - Transformative experience for digital nomads and remote workers from across the globe. A mix of expert talks, hands-on workshops, and beach-side fun, aimed at celebrating freedom, connection, and personal growth.

Oct 16-20: Try Out Tulsa [📍 Tulsa, Oklahoma] - Check out the famous Tulsa Remote program for a week! Join industry leaders like Ali Greene, Darcy Mayfield, and Tyler Selhorn for a week of coworking, events, and fun. Tickets are only $30 and close Sept 25th.

Dec 7-13: Nomad Island Fest [📍 Madeira, Portugal] - Learn from world-class industry experts on topics like mindset, marketing, tech, wealth & health.

That’s it for today! Let me know what you thought of today’s email, and make sure to comment if there’s anything you want us to cover in future emails 👇

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Cheers 🍻

Today’s email was written by Mitko Karshovski