🧑‍💻 Your 2023 Workation

PLUS Google is launching AI search results, Wyoming residents are freaking out over DAOs, and the WFH battle may finally be coming to an end

Hey Insiders, we have a really fun email for you today with a full write-up on workations, what they are, and the best spots for a summer workation this year! But that’s not all, we also talk about…

Today’s email is a 4min 50sec read:

  • 🤖 Google is launching AI search results

  • 👾 Wyoming residents are freaking out over DAOs

  • 💻 WFH battle may finally be coming to an end

But first, let’s jump into the main event, our official 2023 Summer Workation Guide 👇


2023 Summer Workation Guide

You’ve probably seen the term workation thrown around the internet, but exactly does that mean and how does it differ from being a digital nomad?

A workation is a vacation which you are able to extend the span of by continuing to work but with reduced hours.

A digital nomad on the other hand is someone who travels for long periods of time (maybe forever) while working for a company, freelancing, or running a business.

Workations are a fantastic way to slow down and enjoy travel for a month or more even if you’re not one of those lucky Europeans with massive vacations.

In this guide, I will break down:

  • how to talk to your boss about taking a workation

  • the best destinations for a workation this summer

  • and some best practices for your workation

Have you ever taken a workation?

Select the option that most applies to you and let us know what you think!

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Remote work doesn’t wor… oh wait 🤔


🤖 Google announces BIG AI developments at its I/O event

  • During this week’s I/O event Google announced a few new hardware launches but the big star of the show was AI

  • Most significantly, Google announced a new “snapshots” feature for Google Search which display AI-generated responses to your search & the option to clarify with pre-loaded clarifying questions

  • This development will surely impact SEO-based businesses as fewer people click on links in the SERPs to find the answers they’re looking for

👾 Wyoming residents shaken by a community of digital outsiders taking over a historic inn

  • A DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is trying to purchase the historic Wagon Box Inn and it’s associated RV park and campground in Story, Wyoming.

  • Residents of Story are concerned about “300 outsiders” buying a property close to environmentally protected areas without any way to hold them accountable.

  • Paul McNeil, the founder of the DAO, says exactly because it’s based on the blockchain there is actually far more transperancy in the project as oppossed to something shielded by an LLC.

  • Former state representative Tyler Lindholm agrees, saying: “…it definitely provides more capability for the community to hold them accountable.“

💻 The WFH battle between workers & their bosses may finally be coming to an end

  • A new report by FlexIndex surveyed 4,000+ companies and found that a majority of them offer at least some level of hybrid work

  • Rob Sadow, CEO & cofounder of Scoop (parent company of FlexIndex) said he sees it as a sort of truce between workers and their bosses

  • Bosses are hoping to retain control by keeping employees in the office, but aren’t able to keep workers if one of their competitors offers a more flexible work environment.

👋 Class of 2023 college grads are confident about finding a job, despite layoffs and a slowing economy

  • This graduating class is the first that had their entire college experience affected by COVID

  • Despite rising layoffs and a slowing economy, the 2023 class is 7% more confident about landing a job right out college than the 2022 class, and nearly 50% of graduates are expecting a higher starting salary than those offered in recent years

  • These graduates may feel more prepared for the new world of work than previous classes since they had an entire 4 years of college to prepare



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