🧑‍💻 Remote work & substance abuse

PLUS what a "forever labor shortage" means for workers, Twitter's new CEO on remote work, virtual coworking, and Thailand's pro-democracy win

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  • 📉 What a “forever labor shortage” means for workers

  • 🐣 Twitter’s new CEO on remote work

  • ➕ PLUS subscriber virtual coworking & Thailand’s new pro-democracy party wins an important victory

But first, is there a connection between remote work and a rise in substance abuse? According to Bloomberg yes, but looking into the actual research, I disagree…


Remote Work & Daytime Drug & Alcohol Abuse

A Bloomberg article that made the rounds earlier this week suggests that remote work is the cause of an increase in daytime drinking & drug abuse (link is to a free version on Hindustan Times)

The article and cited research make the case that workers that aren’t required to come into the office can easily drink and use drugs during working hours, something that the article says at least used to be reserved for after hours.

Here’s the thing…

The article’s title (“Remote work comes with daytime drug and drinking habits”) makes it sounds like remote work is the cause of the increase in this behavior.

However, the research the article is citing doesn’t actually say that…

What the research does show is that there was an increase in substance abuse during the COVID pandemic (which is nothing we didn’t already know) and that working remotely made it easier for people to hide this from their employers.

This is still an important problem to tackle, but is very different from saying that remote work in some way causes people to develop a substance abuse problem!

The research also suggests that the solution according to the data is for companies to provide mental health support for their workers… not that forcing employees back to the office will magically cure them of their drug abuse

After all, people tend to develop substance abuse due to an unresolved problem, and speaking to a professional is the best way to solve that.

Depression and substance abuse among all professionals is an important subject, and something we need to address, but I think we can confidently classify this particular article as pro-office propaganda.

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Who knew Stanley was a workplace futurist…


Stanley is a time traveler #theofficequotes

Truly a man ahead of his time!


📉 America needs to get ready for the Forever Labor Shortage

  • Since the pandemic, American companies have struggled to fill open roles & this is not due to a lazy generation, since unemployment is at a record low

  • The truth is that as Baby Boomers retire, younger generations which we considerably smaller, can’t fill their shoes

  • For the moment this gives workers a lot of power which can result in higher pay & access to desired flexibility

  • But in the long run businesses will hire globaly (thanks to remote work) and in some industries may be able to replace some workers with robots.

🐣 Twitter hires Linda Yaccarino as new CEO, what can we expect from her on remote work?

  • The internet is split on how it feels about Twitter’s new CEO with both the conservatives & liberals unhappy for different reasons, but what does this mean for Twitter’s remote work policy?

  • While Yaccarino hasn’t made any public comments about her views on remote work, she is the Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Taskforce which did have a focus on remote work work this year

  • Despite that, Elon Musk has been very aggressive about his stance on remote work, and with Yaccarino’s immense ad background, it’s unlikely that she’s coming to Twitter to address remote work.

🇹🇭 Thailand, a favorite location for digital nomads, is on the precipice of a historic political moment

  • On Monday, Thailand’s two main pro-democracy parties agreed to join together after out-performing the ruling military-backed party

  • The front runner to emerge as the new Prime Minister is Pita Limjaroenrat, a 42-year old Harvard alum and former tech exec.

  • Noteably, Pita’s party campaigned to reform strict laws that ban criticism of the Thai Monarchy (currenty punishable by up to 15 years in prison

  • Although promising this is not sealed deal yet since even with a coalition Pita is still shy of the 66 parlimentary seats needed to become a prime minister.



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How Do You Feel About Work-Life Integration?

On Monday we wrote about the difference between work-life integration, and work-life balance, here’s how some of you feel about it:

🙅‍♂️ Z.M: “I’d rather have clear boundaries between my work and my personal life.”

❤️ B.M: “As a mom, I don't think you can un-integrate work. I'm always multitasking. Home life never gets turned off. I love remote work because I think it's a great equalizer. There are more opportunities for moms because we don't have to stick our kids in daycare (which is so expensive that it often makes having a career not worth it).”

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