🧑‍💻 This AI job pays $375K

PLUS home coworking, why commutes suck more than offices, and how AI is already changing travel

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  • 💻 Home coworking may be your new favorite thing

  • 🚙 Offices aren’t the problem, it’s the commutes

  • 🤖 Would you let AI plan your travel? This family is

But first, AI has birthed a new job position. It requires no previous experience in tech and can pay up to $375,000…


The Rise of Prompt Engineers

Many people are worried that AI will kill jobs, historically however new technologies actually create new jobs that never existed before, and this is already happening with AI.

AI can be extremely powerful, but it’s still quite young and subject to “hallucinations” when given questions or directions that it has trouble understanding.

This is why Prompt Engineer is one of the hottest new AI jobs!

Think of Prompt Engineers as language-based coders who know how to structure prompts to get what they need out of AI, similar to how differently phrased search queries in Google will yield varying results.

Prompt Engineers are unique in that they must both understand code AND be skilled verbal communicators.

Luckily this field is still quite young and in demand which means that if this sounds like an interesting job you have time to upgrade any needed skills.

There are already courses you can take to prepare for this job and your investment could be really worth it since Prompt Engineer positions can pay up to $375,000 per year and they require no prior experience in tech!


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Most conferences charge high ticket prices and make you pay for your hotel, food, and entertainment.

At Camp Indie your accommodations, food, workshops, and entertainment are all included!

All you need to do is show up, relax, and have a blast enjoying an unforgettable weekend of growth, learning, and connection.

Join us June 16-19, 2023 in Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains, less than 2 hours from New York City!


I’m good but thanks though!


💻 Is “home coworking” the solution to our remote work loneliness?

  • New studies show that loneliness could be as damaging to your long-term health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

  • An easy fix is to plan “home coworking” with friends or coworkers where you switch off hosting the group for coworking a few times a week

  • This is a cheaper and more personal alternative to traditional organized coworking spaces which can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

🚙 Workers don’t hate the office, they hate the commute.

  • A 2019 survey found that nearly 40% of Americans commuted 30+ minutes to work, one way

  • Since the pandemic made remote work mainstream, Americans now collectively save 60 million hours of commuting. This was time they weren’t paid for and effectively lost driving or on public transport.

  • If city leaders & CEOs want workers back in the office, they will have to fundamentally rethink the way cities & offices are organized and that seems like a very very heavy lift, if not impossible.

🤖 This family is letting an AI chatbot plan a 6-month trip around the world with their 1-year-old daughter

  • GuideGeek is an AI travel assistant developed by Matador Network

  • Michael Motamedi & Vanessa Salas are travel influencers who in partnership with Matador Network are going to allow GuideGeek to plan their travels for the next 6 months

  • While he’s excited about the new technology Motamedi did say that they will not follow the AI’s advice blindly since he knows it can malfunction.




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June 16-19: Camp Indie [📍 Kent, Connecticut] - adult summer camp & conference for digital nomads & those living an unconventional life

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June 25-July 2: Bansko Nomad Fest [📍 Bansko, Bulgaria] - for digital nomads, freelancers, and founders in the mountains of Bulgaria


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