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PLUS how to conquer loneliness as a remote worker, video games for learning, coworking retreats and nomad dogs

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Today in 3min 38sec we cover:

  • 😢 How to conquer loneliness as a remote worker

  • 🇨🇦 Canada is seriously getting serious about digital nomads

  • 💰 Charles Schwab is the rare bank embracing remote work

But first, nomad events are finally coming back full steam with a nomad favorite making a splash later this year…


Nomad Cruise is BACK!

Nomad Cruise, the popular cruise-based conference for digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs, is preparing for its first Atlantic Ocean crossing since COVID!

Nomad Cruise faced massive challenges during the pandemic (for obvious reasons) and even launched a sister brand Nomadbase to facilitate conferences on land.

However, the cruise industry's recovery has enabled Nomad Cruise to secure a new partner after its previous partner ceased operations.

Nomad Cruise 12 will depart from Tenerife, Spain 🇪🇸 on December 11, 2023, and head to Salvador, Brazil 🇧🇷 in a 10-day journey with six conference days and exciting excursion stops.

Nomad Cruise 12 route

Sales open today (July 28), offering various packages for participants.

Best of all, the experience doesn’t end after the cruise arrives in Brazil…

Historically, participants continue to travel together and Nomad Cruise is embracing this by planning “beach town reunions” and a New Year’s Eve reunion in Rio de Janeiro.


How to conquer loneliness as a remote worker

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work, but it also brought concerns about loneliness among remote workers.

A new survey of office workers showed that a significant percentage, particularly those under 35, worried about feeling isolated if they continued working from home full time.

If this sounds familiar worry not, we have 6 great tips on how to combat loneliness without giving up your freedom:

🌳 Take breaks & go outside for fresh air and small social interactions

💬 Set up social media chat groups with friends or coworkers to recreate informal office chit-chat and connections

🎥 Turn your video on! Participating fully in video meetings will make you feel more connected to colleagues

☕️ Get out of the house! Working from other locations like coffee shops or co-working spaces to recreate the good parts of an office environment

🤝 Encourage company “onsites” so you can meet your coworkers in person and strengthen relationships

Avoid overworking and use the extra time gained from remote work to improve your personal life and socialize with friends.


Your parents were wrong… video games won’t rot your brain!

Gaming Bible covered a recent Reddit thread in which gamers shared the top real-world lessons they learned from playing video games.

To the shock of your parents… there were MANY lessons listed! Here are some of our favorites:

🗺️ Map reading skills - MMORPGs are notorious for constructing vast worlds and figuring out how to navigate them can help you learn how to navigate the real world

📣 English - English is my second language and I can personally attest to the power of video games and TV in learning English

🧩 Problem-solving - Video games create a safe space to work through complex problems, a muscle that easily carries over in the real world

🏛️ History - Not all games are historically accurate, but many make a point to be and those can be a great place to learn and get curious about history



July 15-29: Nomad City Festival 2023 [📍Gran Canaria] - the original nomadic unconference presented by Repeople. Get inspired, learn, & make connections at the biggest nomad event in the Canary Islands.

Dec 7-13: Nomad Island Fest [📍 Madeira, Portugal] - Learn from world-class industry experts on topics like mindset, marketing, tech, wealth & health

More events coming soon!


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