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How to develop an "infinite game" personal OS, are US cities really dying, and the great Macbook vs iPad debate

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Ever had one of those weeks in which a month’s worth of things happened?

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I did not have the time to write my regular Friday write-up, but in the spirit of reducing scope, and not pushing deadlines, I decided to give you a quick “5 bullet Friday” style newsletter this time.

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🎮 Infinite Game OS: If you’ve ever heard the concept of finite vs infinite games, this article by Erick Godsey is a great follow-up. It summarizes a theory by David Deutsch (whose equations “proved” the possibility of a multiverse) on how as humans we can “install” an “operating system” that wires us to play infinite games. Warning, it’s a bit woo-woo at times.

🌆 The Death of the Great American City. This article by Joel Kotkin makes an interesting argument for why we’re seeing so many anti-remote work articles and also predicts that we are the beginning of the end of large cities. This is something I disagree with, but nonetheless, interesting to read about

🎥 Zoom is not a fan of Zoom. The video conferencing software made news a few weeks ago when it announced that it would be calling employees back to the office. Now it’s in the news again after a call with CEO Eric Yuan was leaked in which he complains about how they’re unable to get work done on Zoom calls. Once again this all comes down to company culture. Many companies are more than capable of building incredible products and working productively when distributed, others are not. But it is hilarious that the CEO of Zoom basically got caught saying he’s not a fan of his own product.

💸 The downside of side hustles. I’m a huge fan of side hustles, but one of the negatives is that many side hustles are born from hobbies - something you did just for fun on the side. Hobbies have a ton of benefits, but when you start making money from your hobbies, they cease to be hobbies and become work, and you can be robbed of your escape. Think hard before taking something you love as a hobby and turning it into a business. There certainly are pros and cons.

💻 Team Both. For years digital nomads have wondered if it would be possible to get by with just an iPad and leave the heavier Macbooks at home. Despite lots of improvements in iPadOS in my opinion, and Jason Snell’s, it’s just not viable. Instead, embrace being on Team Both and carry a Macbook AND an iPad.

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