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PLUS hybrid life of college grads, AR laptops, and how to save downtowns

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  • 🦾 The hybrid life of recent college graduates

  • 🇺🇾 Uruguay’s new digital nomad visa

  • 🌆 To save downtowns, we may have to first destroy them

But first, AR laptops are here and they’re way better than we first thought!


AR Laptops Are Here And Will Change Your Work Experience

As a remote worker, I love to get out of my house and work from coffee shops or coworking spaces. The downside is that going out means that I don’t get to use my large monitors which make me far more productive. If you can relate to that then you’re going to love this…

The first AR laptop just launched and it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Spacetop is the world’s first AR laptop which allows you to work on the equivalent of a 100-inch screen without taking up any more space than a regular laptop.

The Spacetop has a regular-sized keyboard, trackpad, webcam and it comes with built-in AR glasses which allow you to access the screen.

Sightful, the company behind Spacetop, says that “If it's accessible on the web, it works with Spacetop,” so you don’t have to worry about accessing Slack, Chrome, or Google Drive. However, it’s still best used for jobs that are not too graphically demanding.

Sorry video editors, you’ll have to wait for a future version to edit your YouTube vlogs on a massive AR screen!

At $2000 the Spacetop is about the same price as a top-of-the-range MacBook, but the downsides are that you will definitely get some weird glances at the coffee shop while you Slack your colleagues wearing AR glasses and it only has a 5-hour battery life.

Despite these negatives, the Spacetop seems like an incredible first foray into AR laptops which will undoubtedly be the future of personal computing

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The absolute worst!


👾 From college to work, a ‘hybrid life’ has become the norm for many 20-somethings

  • Graduates this year are the first batch of students that went through their entire college experience during COVID and much of their studies were done remotely

  • Their new work lives will likely resemble that college experience with 75% of US companies today using a hybrid model

  • Experts are still not sure how this will affect these young workers, but it will leave a mark since historically a worker’s first few work years have the longest impact on their career trajectory

  • Young workers seem to be split on remote work, most love the flexibility it brings, but about 40% are actively searching for in-person jobs to get the experience they feel like they missed in college

🇺🇾 Uruguay becomes the latest country to launch a digital nomad visa

  • This may be one of the easiest digital nomad visas launched to date as it has no minimum income requirement

  • Uruguay could be an attractive destination for digital nomads since the country does not tax “technological services”

  • The new visa will allow you to stay in Uruguay for up to 180 days, costs only €9, and can be applied for after entering the country on a tourist visa

🌆 To save downtowns, we may have to destroy them

  • A recent op-ed by Harvard economist Edward Glaeser and MIT’s Carlo Ratti argues that we’re entering the era of the “playground city” where downtown areas will be remodeled to attract leisure visitors as well as workers

  • The problem with many US downtowns is that the buildings that make up the majority of downtowns, office skyscrapers, are too big to transform into livable or mixed-use spaces

  • Cities may have to look at suburbs and residential towns which have attracted droves of professionals in the wake of COVID to learn how to convert downtowns into more liveable neighborhoods.



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