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PLUS why cities may experience a remote-fueled renaissance, Bucharest voted best city for digital nomads, and Martha Stewart hilariously slams remote work

Hey Insider, this is a really exciting week for remote workers everywhere! Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee, widely recognized as the inventor of the Internet, and on Monday we saw the launch of Apple’s VR headset which has the potential to change the we way work in a big way.

More on that later!

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  • 🌃 Remote work may launch a renaissance for cities

  • 🧶 Martha Stewart’s hilarious comments on remote work

  • 🌍 Bucharest voted best European city for digital nomads

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Remote work will change cities, but not how you think!

image source: nytimes.com

We’ve read dozens of articles that suggest that remote work will bring about the collapse of cities, but history may suggest the opposite…

Today’s levels of remote collaboration are unprecedented, but remote collaboration itself is nothing new. Paul Kruger, a popular economist, professor, and writer, recounts how in 1999 he coauthored a book with two professors from Japan and London without ever meeting in person.

However, after a year of working remotely, the three gathered in Boston to finalize the book.

This may be an example of why cities will continue to flourish as meeting points for the globally mobile.

Back in 1996, much of the conversation about the Internet prophesized that it may make the need for large cities unnecessary.

Yet a paper from that time argued exactly the opposite: Technology will foster an increase in both business and personal contacts, and to make the most of those contacts you’d have to meet in person at least occasionally…

And cities remain the best place to facilitate these meetings!

There is even some current research that suggests that in some ways remote work actually makes urban life more attractive as people frequent shops, restaurants, and bars instead of going to the office.

If we believe the old saying that history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme, remote work won’t be the end of the city. It will certainly force cities to evolve but in the long run, it may in fact launch an urban renaissance!


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Apple’s new VR headset & other cool things from WWDC 2023

WWDC 2023 took place on Monday and Apple announced some HUGE new developments that are going to be interesting for remote workers:

But what stole the show was definitely the new Apple Vision Pro headset clocking in at a whopping $3500 (cue audience reaction) 🤯

Yes, it’s a crazy price tag, but Apple’s first foray into AR is… pretty crazy:

  • hand-operated (no joysticks)

  • no isolation (glasses are see-through)

  • ability to capture 3D photos & videos

  • multi-AR screen support with seamless interaction

  • dual display mode when paired with your Macbook

The internet is packed with jokes about the headset, its price tag, and how it will make people look like losers, but this is what Apple is best at… taking nerdy tech and making it cool (looking at you Shrek-ear Airpods)

Vision Pro isn’t just groundbreaking tech, my bet is that it takes the tech and makes it cool which is what’s needed for mass adoption.

The Vision Pro goes on sale next year… so we have time to save up 😂

Watch the Vision Pro announcement video below:


Martha Stewart says America “will go down the drain” if we don’t stop working remotely

Bringing back our Lumbergh of the Week segment in which we cover silly-old-backward thinking CEOs forcing people back to the office for an especially comical one.

During a recent interview with Footwear News, Martha Stewart went on a rampage slamming remote work. At one point she seemed to confuse remote work with just not working saying:

“You can’t possibly get everything done working three days a week in the office and two days remotely,“

And then equating remote work with “the (lack of) success of France” slamming their month-long vacations calling it a “not very thriving country” along with a bunch of other crazy stuff about wanting to call religious workers on Sundays.

By the way, France has been one of the top economic powers in Europe for over 30 years.

If remote work doesn’t work, I wonder how she was able to run her business in 2004… when she was in prison 🤔


  • Uber launches flight bookings. Users in the UK can now book flights straight from the app allowing people to schedule end-to-end travel including cars, trains, and planes.

  • 75% of creative collaboration happens remotely. A new study on marketing firms found that despite a rise in hybrid work a majority of the creative collaboration is still happening remotely

  • Bucharest voted the best European city for digital nomads. A new report compared European cities based on internet speed, visa application, cost of living, and general happiness and the Romanian capital topped the list.

  • In defense of tourist traps. Travelers tend to look down on tourist traps, however, they can be a safe space from the unknown of a new location offering familiar conveniences despite a higher price tag


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